The first SISMYK event is an astounding success

Quebec City July 29, 2013 – The show “Céline…une seule fois” presented by SISMYK (QuébéComm music division) was an astounding success last Saturday. The star gave a masterful performance of her greatest hits (especially her hits in French) for almost two and a half hours. Some 42 495 people were literally mesmerized. The complete success proves beyond a doubt that performances on the Plains of Abraham can be financially feasible and generate enthusiasm and the desire for SISMYK to repeat the experience.


QuébéComm is very proud to launch its music division, SISMYK, today. Whether in Quebec or internationally, SISMYK will now oversee all musical events of the company and plans to be a leader strongly associated with “unique” shows.

“As part of its business development, QuébéComm wanted to develop its own music brand. In the overall structure of QuébéComm brands, SISMYK will now oversee all musical events of the company. We expect to use SISMYK throughout our business markets here and around the world, “says Sylvain Parent-Bédard, President QuébéComm.