QUEBEC CITY, July 28, 2013 – SISMYK (a QuébéComm division) has acquired the worldwide television rights for the show ” Céline… une seule fois “. The television production is a co-production of QuébéComm Télévision and Productions J.

This is a first for a SISMYK event and its global market objectives.

Agreements have already been signed with various networks in, among others, Quebec, Canada, France, Belgium, Switzerland, Asia (Japan and other countries) and Latin America (Brazil and other countries).

The largest worldwide television capture to originate from Quebec City

“We are very proud to have acquired the worldwide television rights for Céline…une seule fois. I would like to thank Productions Feeling for their confidence in us. I also thank Julie Snyder and Productions J for their collaboration. QuébéComm has developed over the years, mainly with the program lol:-), a strong global distribution network. The confidence gained over these years allows us to promote worldwide SISMYK, the show Céline… une seule fois, Québec City, and the Plains of Abraham. It is an exceptional platform to enhance the visibility of Quebec City and the region. Celine is the most renowned Quebec artist in the world. Her popularity is undeniable and global broadcasters recognize Quebec’s expertise in television,” expresses Sylvain Parent-Bédard, President QuébéComm.

The program will last approximately 90 minutes. It is a first time diffusion outside of Europe for a show presented on the Plains of Abraham and the world’s largest telecast for this site–an interesting exposure for the site to the global industry. Many talks for the purchase of the show are ongoing on all continents.

The Céline …une seule fois show

Celine Dion performed the greatest hits of her career at this worldwide exclusive show, Céline… une seule fois, custom designed for the fans who joined her on the Plains of Abraham Saturday, July 27, 2013.

Céline… une seule fois Artistic Team:
Music Director: Claude “Mego” Lemay
Lighting Designer / Art Director: Yves Aucoin
Sound: Denis Savage, François Desjardins

The staging is the collective work of Rene Angelil, Yves Aucoin, Claude Lemay, Denis Savage and Celine Dion.

Producers of the television show: Sylvain Parent-Bédard and Julie Snyder