Le Grand spectacle de la Fête nationale



SISMYK, the music division of the QuébéComm Agency, will create and produce the television show “Le Grand spectacle de la Fête nationale” in Quebec City next June. It is a great source of pride for SISMYK, a company headquartered in Quebec, to be the producers associated with this great celebration for Quebecers. The process of meetings with the various collaborators involved is currently underway in order to make this festival a popular success in terms of festive content and quality.  


Category: Musique
  • Type : Ready-to-air
  • Length: 120 minutes
  • Production: Sismyk
  • Producer: Sylvain Parent-Bédard
  • Line producer: n/a
  • Content producer: n/a
  • Director: Jean-François Blais
  • Locations: Plaines d’Abraham, Québec (Qc), Canada
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