The first SISMYK event is an astounding success

Quebec City July 29, 2013 – The show “Céline…une seule fois” presented by SISMYK (QuébéComm music division) was an astounding success last Saturday. The star gave a masterful performance of her greatest hits (especially her hits in French) for almost two and a half hours. Some 42 495 people were literally mesmerized. The complete success proves beyond a doubt that performances on the Plains of Abraham can be financially feasible and generate enthusiasm and the desire for SISMYK to repeat the experience.

The event of the summer for Québec City!

The show “Céline… une seule fois” plunged beautiful Québec City into a vitality rarely equaled this summer according to local merchants. Towards the end of the afternoon, several thousand people were already assembled in the Upper Town sector in the vicinity of the show. “It’s been my busiest day since the beginning of the summer!” said enthusiastically James Monti, owner of Savini.

Close to one out of four attendees used the city’s public transportation system.

Fans and media everywhere

The major impact of the show demonstrates the critical importance of such events for the city’s vitality. Beneficial spin offs come from the many tourists who came for the event—Fans from all over Quebec and the rest of the world were there for a chance to attend this unique show: 37% from outside Quebec City region, from 26 different countries. On the Journalistic side and great exposure for Quebec City, nearly 150 media were accredited for the show of which 46% came from outside of Quebec City.

A huge lift-off for SISMYK in Quebec

“Céline…une seule fois ” is the first SISMYK (division QuébéComm) production and it fits perfectly with the mission of SISMYK which is presenting unique, exclusive and memorable events that stir up a crowd. Added to crowd success is financial success and it demonstrates that it is not necessary to have 50,000 people on the Plains of Abraham to be profitable. In the final analysis success is due to good logistics, site layout and comfortable, safe and unique reception areas with the SISMYK signature. A clean uncluttered site stripped of unnecessary structures and installations provided maximum visibility with the help of 10 giant screens.

… and globally for worldwide television rights

SISMYK has also acquired the worldwide television rights to the show “Céline… une seule fois” The television production is a co-production of QuébéComm Television and Productions J. This is a first for SISMYK events and its global market objectives. Agreements have been signed, or are about to be signed with various networks, including in Quebec, Canada, France, Belgium, Switzerland, Asia (Japan and other countries) and Latin America (Brazil and other countries).

Most major musical events of major internationally recognized artists are captured for television. SISMYK is proud that ” Céline…une seule fois ” is made in Quebec by experts here. Tens of millions of viewers around the world will have the chance to see this unique event. SISMYK continues to position Quebec City not only within the global cultural music industry but also in tourism.

In Quebec, the show will be available as of August 10 on Videotron pay TV and pay-for-view (PPV) as well as with all participating television broadcasters.

Sylvain Parent Bédard was all smiles after the show. “I am very proud of what we accomplished with Céline…une seule fois. I emphasize “we” because it is a team effort, team SISMYK. “he said, pleased. He went on to reiterate the great honor and privilege he had working with Celine and Rene: “I learned a lot from discussions with René. His authenticity is exemplary. The respect he had for our team, and especially to fans of the artist are examples for me to follow. Celine is, according to me, the greatest Quebec artist in the world. I thank her for her generosity. She gave an outstanding performance.”

Mr. Parent-Bédard also wanted to thank the team of François Saint-Jean of TECH MF, for his great collaboration, expertise and knowledge of the site, as well as John Myles for his expertise in the technical organization.

Finally, SISMYK would like to thank Productions Feeling for their confidence. It was a privilege for the company to work with this team.